Financial Account Manager


Investment Account Manager  v.2 7

Investment Account Manager offers the tools you need to provide centralized portfolio management for stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, options, cash and more.

User Account Manager  v.4.0.9

User Account Manager (UAM) simplifies the management of user accounts in Microsoft networks.


Service Account Manager  v.5.6.091029

Service Account Manager provides automated mass management of Windows service accounts and service passwords, helping meet the security best practices and regulatory compliance requirements of frequently updated administrator passwords.

Privileged Account Manager

Privileged Account Manager provides secure, centralized access to privileged accounts, randomizing their passwords on a scheduled basis. Members of the IT team can securely access all passwords from a web browser. All password-related operations are

Local Account Manager  v.

Local Account Manager is an award winning local users and groups management tool for Windows XP Home. Using the program you can easily add, modify, delete users and groups (manage security accounts), assign user rights, define privileges.

Netwrix Privileged Account Manager  v.4.132.145

Privileged Account Manager secures and audits all operations with privileged passwords, randomizing them on a scheduled basis. Members of the IT team can securely access all passwords from a web browser.

LDAP Account Manager  v.3.7

LDAP Account Manager (LAM) is a webfrontend for managing accounts stored in an LDAP directory.

Bank Account Manager  v.

BAM is a complete financial application to manage in pivot views your registered bank accounts, entering very quickly your expenses or incomes, checking your pending transactions, calculate you current or estimated balances at any date ,

TrustMaster trust account manager  v.1.1.2

TrustMaster is a financial application designed to manage trust deferrable expenses.

SaCASH  v.0.6.3alpha

saCash is a Quicken-like financial account manager.

Dr. Hennig Kontomanager  v.9.1

Euro account manager with action item management, account statement printing, credit calculator, financial investments and graphic presentation.

Yapbam  v.0.14.3

Yapbam is a personal bank account manager.

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